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Uncoated strings

Uncoated strings

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Uncoated strings 

Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium-light.

✍️ We will send you one of the models above, depending on our current available stock in our warehouse. 

Do I need it? 

The Pickaso bow does not function on coated strings (like elixir nanoweb) or nylon strings. If your strings are coated, or you are not sure, you might want to add this item to your cart to make sure the Pickaso bow will work on your guitar. 

If you are unsure whether your strings are suitable or not and you know your strings model, please check it on, enter the strings model, and check the product specs to see whether it's coated or not. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gabriel E. (Glen Jean, US)
Hey, is that a Cello!?

So who hasn't seen an AD for the Pickaso bow? Specially if you're a musician. I personally have been wanting to try it out for sometime now.

Once I received mine I had to try it out! Rosined up the bow and screech! Okay let's add a little more Rosin. Then bwaaaahhhh~~ Success!

Once you begin bowing the string the Rosin will coat the strings allowing for a better grip of the bows surface. You seems to fet a better sound out of the Pickaso bow by slightly twisting and dragging the bows edge along the string or strings. There is a slight learning curve and with some practice you'll get that lovely acoustical vibration and sound you strived for.

I bought the longer version of the Pickaso bow so that I could have a but longer draw on the notes I wanted to play. Specially when allowing one string drone while playing a melody on the other string.

Over all I really enjoy the Pickaso bow. It's not quite a "cello" I'd love to own but it will do for now. I recommend it, buy one and try it out for yourself!

My Guitar: Lag - Tramontane -T80D

Strings: Erie Ball Earthwoods

Dale K. (Cambridge, US)
Picasso and tonwood ants

With my Picasso Bo and my tone wouldn't work great together it's like I'm being in an auditorium it's the greatest sound you've ever heard thank you Picasso Bose