Online User Guide

                                                                     Edition 1.2 

Dear player!  
Thank you for choosing Pickaso Guitar Bow. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to use your PGB (Pickaso guitar bow) for your first time . 

It’s very important to read this manual before your first time playing.

Disclaimer :We do not take any responsibility for any damages as a result of using The Pickaso Guitar Bow or 

related products. Please pay attention to the instructions in this user-guide. 

Note :

We recommend to use only Uncoated strings. (any type)Using coated (Elixir Nano web etc.) 

strings will require more rosin and may not sound well. 

 The PGB kit included :

• Pickaso Guitar Bow

• Cleaning Cloth

• Soft case

• PGB Sticker

• Online user guide card. 

• Super Sensitive Rosin. 


First Time use

Playing the bow

In order to play the PGB (Pickaso Guitar Bow), you must apply rosin on the bow,

 everytime, before playing.

The rosin is responsible for producing the sound. 

How to apply rosin

Step 1 :

Scratch all of the rosin top surface with sandpaper/ nail file/Non sharp knife . 

Stop when you see the rosin producin dust. Using sandpaper would be the better choice, 

but either a Non-sharp knife or a nail File will do the job.

Sand paper/block

Non-Sharp knife/Nail file

Applying the Rosin 

Step 2:

Hold the bow from its head part, and the rosin with your other hand and run therosin along the bow hair from tip down to the top.

 Hurray! Your bow is ready to use! 

Note :  For the first time, it is necessary to apply more rosin on the bow than the next times. Because the hair is new and very smooth. 

Note #2 : After the first time, there is no need to repeat on step 1, only on step 2. 

Note #3 : Avoid touching the bow hair if it is not needed, at all times. 

Tip :  It is always better to have less rosin than more. If you don't know how much rosin is needed, just play the guitar with the bow. If the sound is too weak, apply some more rosin. 

How to play 

Step 1 : Hold the bow at the handle with your thumb, towards you. 

The Index finger at the back supports, and the middle finger behind it.



Step 2 : place the bow on the right side of the soundhole, on top of any string you like.

Step 3:  Insert the bow in and out in a smooth motion with moderate and soft pressure. Avoid moving the wrist and keep it straight. 

Note :  You want to avoid putting too much pressure on the bow. If you do so, the sound that it produced will be squeaky. 

various playing techniques 

 Playing on one string 

Playing on one string is the basic technique of the bow. As you have noticed, the bow has two sides with hair, which allows you to place the bow between 2 strings and play on both. 

When playing on a string that your bow is placed above the string, you hardly need to apply pressure with your thumb. 

When playing a string with the bow placed under it, lift the bow with the middle finger and the ring finger, and apply a little pressure. 

Start practicing with the bow placed above the string. You can play short or long notes. When you succeed, play with the bow as it is placed under the string. When you finish step one, you can start to switch between strings.

Play on the two strings that are close to each other and practice the transition between them. 

Tip : Playing short notes with this bow is super fun, as well as long notes. But producing long notes is a more difficult task and requires more practice to produce a smooth, clean sound. Spend some time playing long notes until you get a clean, smooth sound, and remember! Practice makes Perfect :) 

Clean Long notes

squeaky sounds

tranistion between two close strings

Playing on two strings together

Since the bow has hair on both sides, you can play on 2 strings simultaneously.

 Here's how: 

Step 1: Position the bow between 2 strings. 

step 2: Lift the bow towards you.

Step 3:  Insert the bow in, and out in a smooth movement , keeping the angle.

 Tip : If the angle of the bow is too sharp, and you lift the bow too much - it will put a lot of presure on the strings, which will make a bad sound. You want to find the angle that will allow you to play smoothly with a soft sound.

Two strings together

Using the Bow as a pick 

We called our bow - Pickaso bow, because you can also use it as a pick, if you like. 

Here’s how : 

Step 1: Hold the bow with your thumb toward you and your index finger and the middle finger supporting.

Step 1

Step 2

Cleaning the strings

after playing It is important to keep the guitar strings clean after each play with the bow.

In general, the Bow hair does not need to be cleaned from the rosin. 

Step 1 : 

Take the cloth provided with the bow and place it under the strings on the sound hole. 

Step 2:

Fold one side of the cloth on the strings and then the other side. 

Step 3: 

Gently clean the strings by moving the cloth right and left. Do not put too much pressure on the strings. Repeat step 3 with each string separately. Still, gently without too much pressure. 

Once a week, use a dedicated string cleaner and clean the strings according to the cleaning product's manual instructions. You don’t need to do so more than once a week. 

Remember! Cleaning the strings is important, regardless of playing with our bow, which will keep the strings clean and extend their life. 

Cleaning the bow

Bow Body Cleaning:

If you want to clean the bow aluminum body and the plastic parts, you can take a cloth with alcohol or water with soap and clean the aluminum body and the plastic Head. Avoid cleaning the screw that is responsible for stretching the hair or the veneer logo, with water or any other liquid.

Avoid cleaning the plastic parts in running water.  

Bow hair : 

In general, you do not need to clean the Bow hair, but if you feel that there is a lot of rosin build up, you can clean the bow hair by rinsing it with water and soap or alcohol with a cloth. 

Avoid water getting into the plastic handle and hair tension mechanism.

After washing the bow, let the hair dry for 30 minutes. 

After the hair has dried, take a dense comb and comb the hair, from bottom to top on both sides of the bow. 

Cleaning the Bow can be a difficult task, if you are not sure of what you are doing, contact us and we will guide you step by step.


That's it, you've finished the user guide! 

We wish you a fun and creative play with the Pickaso Guitar Bow ,

and congratulate you on joining the Worldwide - Pickaso Guitar Bow Band! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime, we will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.