Return & Refund Policy 

We want to provide the best customer service and we back that with our return & refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase from, please send us your product within 30 days since your order has been delivered and we will give you a refund after receiving and inspecting the product. 
Environmental policy:

❤️ Your returned product will be sold as second hand or will go to charity/volunteering Organizations and will be donated to their Music programs.  

 Friendly return process:

1. Fill the form below. 
2. After receiving your details, we will send you a confirmation email with the address to return your items. 
(If for some reasons you didn't receive our email within 48 hours, please email us to 

3. Once the product arrived to our facility and inspected, we will send you a refund confirmation email. 

⭐️ Important note:
Did you noticed that our bow didn't function on coated strings such as Elixir nano web, etc. ? (As explained on our product's page) 
Sometimes, Dissatisfaction from the product caused by Incorrect use. Please check our online user guide : 

Return & Refund form 😊



Order Number


In order to improve ourselves and our product, Please share with us the reason you are returning your product back, If possible: 

Additional information:

Important notes:
1. When using your own label, you must send us a tracking number to: 

2. Shipping fees and PayPal/Card fees + currency conversion fees are non refundable. 
3. Make sure you have all items received in the product box include the box itself   

4. Please note that since your order has been marked as delivered, you have 30 days fill this form and send us the product and provide a tracking number to the return. 

5. Please send the returned items within the next 5 business days after submitting this form. 

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