Return & Refund Policy 


We are committed to providing the best customer service, and we back that commitment with our return and refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from, please send us your product within 45 days of your order's delivery, and we will issue a refund after receiving and inspecting the product.

(All orders placed between November 1st 2023 and December 28th 2023 will be eligible for a 60-day return & refund period.)

Environmental Policy:

🌎 ❤️ For reducing waste and extending the product's lifecycle, your returned product will be sold as second-hand or donated to charity/volunteer organizations to support their music programs. If a product is no longer suitable for resale, we will ensure that it doesn't end up in a landfill.

Friendly Return Process:

1️⃣ Fill out the form below.

2️⃣ After we receive your form, we will send you a return label via email.

3️⃣ Send your product to us. Once we receive your return, we will initiate the refund process.

⭐️ Important Note:

Please note that our bow is not compatible with coated strings like Elixir Nano Web, as stated on our product page. Sometimes, dissatisfaction is a result of using incompatible strings. Review our online user guide for further information.

Return & Refund form 😊


Order Number



Reason for return (Optional)

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Important Notes:

  1. 1. Shipping costs, as well as fees associated with PayPal/credit cards or currency conversion, are non-refundable.

  2. 2. Ensure that you include all items received with the product, including the box itself, when returning products.

  3. 3. Please note that you have 45 days from the time your order is marked as delivered to submit this form and return the product.

  4. 4. Once you have submitted this form, the product must be shipped within 5 days.

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