Our story

From the Beginning

The Birth of Pickaso Guitar Bow

Pickaso Guitar Bow was born out of a passion for guitars and the unique sound of strumming with a violin bow. Inspired by legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who famously used a violin bow to play the intro to "Dazed and Confused," I began experimenting with this technique. While playing an electric guitar with a violin bow created magical sounds, my true love was the acoustic guitar. The warm, rich, and natural sounds of the acoustic guitar captivated me when played with a bow.

The Problem

However, there was a major problem. I could only play all the strings at once or just one of the E strings, which was very frustrating. I wanted more versatility. After extensive research, I realized there was no product on the market that met my needs. I had two options: continue with a standard bow's limitations or create a device that overcame this issue.

The solution

I chose to innovate. I spent a lot of time designing a compact and efficient solution. After numerous attempts, I concluded that the optimal solution was to use the guitar’s sound-hole as the picking area, with a small, compact bow that could fit beneath the strings. I collaborated with a violin maker to create the first prototype of a dual-hair guitar bow, the first of its kind.

From Idea to Product

Playing this new bow was incredibly fun and unique, opening up a whole new world of sounds and playing styles. For the first time, I could play any string I wanted, even two at once, pushing the limits of the guitar. This prototype, the Pickaso Guitar Bow, astonished everyone who heard it. The more I played for others, the more I realized I had to share this innovation with the musical world.

Recruiting a Team

To bring this product to life, I recruited experts in engineering, guitars, and violins. We aimed to create a bow that retained the principles of a violin bow but was specifically adapted for the guitar. After many prototypes and much hard work, we succeeded and created the first model. I named it Pickaso because the unique playing method of this bow-pick was so creative and artistic that it reminded me of a Picasso painting.

A Vision for Creativity

It's all about creativity. My vision as a guitar player and entrepreneur is to introduce a product with a new and refreshing approach, to bring experimentation and creativity into our daily guitar playing. The Pickaso Guitar Bow offers new sounds and a new approach that will spark our creative minds.

I hope you enjoy the Pickaso as much as I did the first time I used it.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Shenhav

Inventor & CEO
Pickaso Innovations LLC