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Meet the Pickaso Guitar Bow, introduced in 2019, the world's first bow designed with hair on both sides, specifically for acoustic guitars and acoustic bass guitars. It introduces a revolutionary method to mimic violin and cello sounds on your guitar. Join our creative revolution, expand your guitar’s boundaries, and unleash your creativity!

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Innovative design

  • The first bow of its kind with hair on dual sides – for optimal functionality
  •  Ultra-thin design for maximum playing comfort. 
  • innovative internal hair tension mechanism 
  • Built-in guitar pick in the bow
  • Aesthetic and elegant design       
  • Warm and clean sound. 

bowed acoustic guitar


  •   Anodized-aluminum body for a great look, sturdiness and durability
  • high-quality plastic handle with matte finishing 
  •  Premium Bow Hair. We use our own unique synthetic blend which provides a quality alternative unlike the horsehair used on regular violin bows.
  • Our bow is made from durable, robust materials in order to provide you with a product that will last for years.


  •   No need to attach anything to your guitar
  •  No batteries required
  •  Pocket-sized guitar effect
  •  Easy-to-use 
  •  Take it anywhere