Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)
Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)

Pickaso Guitar Bow Kit - Studio Model (El Grande)

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Pickaso Guitar Bow S-Model (El grande)

The new Pickaso Guitar Bow, Studio Model (El grande)

It is now available for orders with a 10% discount for a limited time! 

The Studio Model (El grande)  is the larger version of the original Pickaso Guitar Bow, made especially for acoustic guitars and Acoustic bass guitars.

This model continued the tradition and is assembled with the best materials as the original Pickaso bow. Anodized aluminum body and quality rubber-covered plastic handle, emphasizing design and functionality for perfect sound quality. 

Main features:

  • Longer structure - 21.4cm length, with 14cm net Hair length. 
  • Anodized aluminum body, in the perfect weight for balanced playability. 
  • Narrow-body for more versatility. 
  • Comfortable handle, High-quality plastic covered with rubber finish. 
  • Deep and rich sound with emphasis on the lower tones. 

    Pickaso Guitar Bow Studio Model Kit
    Everything you need. 

     Our bow kit includes: 
    • The Pickaso Guitar Bow
    • Bow Case 
    • Microfiber Cloth
    • Two Pickaso Stickers.  
    • Premium Pickaso Rosin. Unique formula developed in our labs for maximum grip, warm sound, and low dust residue, especially for guitars. 
    • A personal letter from the inventor.  

      • Important notes: 
      • 𝄞  Strings: The Pickaso bow is not functioning on coated strings (like elixir nanoweb) or nylon strings. Make sure your strings are regular, without any additional coating.  You can buy uncoated strings in our store. On the classical guitar, only the wound strings will produce a sound. If you are not sure whether your strings are suitable or not, please contact us. 
      • 𝄞 Replacement kits: The replacement kits for the bow hair/bow parts will be available later this year. Please note that the bow hair/ parts can last for many years in proper use. 
      • 𝄞 Warning: The Pickaso bow is highly addictive and fun! Be prepared for people to gather around you when you play with it!  🎨 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
alfee h. (Happy Valley, HK)
Playing acoustic guitar with this bow is really fun

The first day I received pickaso ,I was so disappointed ,because I thought I purchased a very bad product,It's hard to make a sound.But after I watched some guys playing with it effortlessly on YouTube,I apply more rosin and tried different guitars and ways of playing I began more and more get used to it .And wow !I can play guitar with it and create some phrases I've never thought of.Thanks for producing such great bow for guitar. :)

gary h. (Queens, US)

I am loving the new el grande studio model.
The increased length and new bow design make it even better than the original- which I loved .
Much easier to dig in and get a fuller sustain .
Great job.

KH (Athens, US)
excellent new tool for guitar

The Pickaso opens up so many new pathways for guitar. There's a learning curve, but every step of the way is fun and leads to a new musical discovery.

Bendor S.T. (Ramat Gan, IL)
Finally my acoustic bass is truly complete!

It even works well on my LaBella flatwound strings. It gives a unique bowed double bass tone, and made the acoustic bass ultra useful for my strings section productions.

nuriye g. (Melbourne, AU)
Doesn’t Work

I am using uncoated steel strings but still doesn’t work

Hello Nuriye!
Thank you for your review.
If you can't get any sound from your bow, there must be two reasons for that:
1. You need to apply more rosin, properly. Please check our full online user guide at: https://www.pickasobow.com/pages/user-guide
For more information about the first time use.
2. Your strings are coated. You said that your strings are uncoated so that's probably the rosin issue.

If you still can't produce sound, please contact us at: support@pickasobow.com or Whatsapp/SMS +1 (323)412-8899
We will do our best to help you, ASAP.

Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.