Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow

Pickaso Guitar Bow

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𝄞 OUT OF STOCK! Pre-orders are available now with 10% off.
Our innovative guitar bow, made from the best materials available in order to provide maximum functionality and quality sound without compromise.

With an ultra-thin chrome-aluminum body, durability, and an innovative internal mechanism to tighten the bow hair. Comfortable handle made of strong, high-quality plastic with matte finishing and a built-in pick! Decorative wood veneer completes the look.

Quality bow hair on both sides (NO animal hair) for a rich sound and creative playing experience. 

– Made by musicians for musicians.

 Our product kit includes: 

  • The Pickaso Guitar Bow 
  • Quickstart Guide 
  • Bow Case 
  • Cloth for wiping strings
  • PGB Sticker
  • Mini Rosin

    𝄞 OUT OF STOCK! Pre-orders are available now with 10% off.

    𝄞  All preorders will be delivered before May 10th. 

    𝄞 Please note: The Pickaso bow is not functioning on coated strings (like elixir nanoweb) or nylon strings.

  •  𝄞 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at office@pickasobow.com or Text us +1(323)412-8899

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
A totally unique and awesome addition to my sound!

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to implement a classical sound. My guitar sounds much like a fiddle and my bass like a cello—absolutely beautiful!

17/5 stars

Super cool!

Already Recorded

Though I haven't mastered it yet to sound as sweet and sustained as those in the promo video, I immediately had to record with it, and it added so much character to our latest single, a cover of The Whitlams' "No Aphrodisiac." You can hear it come in near the beginning and then it reappears about halfway through to the end. The original song has string parts, and we wanted something like that without using a synth. The Pickaso worked perfectly -- combined with some Ebow counter-melody. Check it out:

New and exciting

Great craftsmanship and looks beautiful. Makes playing the guitar feel like a beginner again. A plus is, as a violin player, I can get a great mix of sounds that you normally can't get from guitar alone.

Sounds amazing. Hard to git gud.

This thing seemed super cool so I just had to check it out and get one. It sounds a lot better than I expected. It’s uncanny how much my guitar sounds like a violin. I really wanted the yellowish one cause it looked the best out of the three and I was kind of bummed initially and settled on blue, but it looks a LOT better in person compared to the pictures on the website, very sleek and strong looking. There’s definitely a big learning curve to using this; getting your notes to sound good, having the right amount of rosin, not pressing too hard, bowing right etc. I wish they had more in depth tutorials on how to use these somewhere, I’ve seen things on YouTube but it’s mostly just people playing really cool stuff and not explaining it. It tough getting slow bowing because the thing is so small, there’s definitely a trick to it I’m not getting yet. My biggest gripe besides is that there should be way more sandpaper included with the rosin they give you, it’s the tiniest little thing that barely lasts a couple days. Final thought is that it’s much harder to use on coated strings. So if you like slicers like I do just stick to the top 4 strings, that’s really all you get. Also they don’t work on nylon like at all.