Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow
Pickaso Guitar Bow

Pickaso Guitar Bow

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Please Read the Notes below before you place an order : 

Our innovative guitar bow, made from the best materials available in order to provide maximum functionality and quality sound without compromise.

With an ultra-thin chrome-aluminum body, durability, and an innovative internal mechanism to tighten the bow hair. Comfortable handle made of a strong high quality plastic with a matte finishing and a built in pick! Decorative wood veneer completes the look.

Quality bow hair on both sides (NO animal hair) for a rich sound and creative playing experience. 

– Made by musicians for musicians.

 Our product kit includes: 

  • The Pickaso Guitar Bow 
  • Online User Guide card
  • Bow Case 
  • Cloth for wiping strings
  • PGB Sticker


* Important : There might be unexpected delays in shipping ,due to the global spread of the coronavirus. 

* Each bow comes with a quality rosin for bows ,FREE OF CHARGE . 

**Note! The bow does not function ideally with coated Elixir strings and other strings of that type (coated). Any type of Uncoated strings will work well.

*** Classical guitar and nylon strings - Only the wounded strings of the classical guitar can be played with the bow. The nylon strings are not suitable. For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions page, or send us an email. 

*** International customers - note that your order may have Taxes and handling fees by DHL, depends on your location. check with your local customs office to find the rate.   

**** Orders placed on Thursday through Saturday will be shipped on Sunday.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Pickaso Bow Fun

This thing is awesome! Couldn’t put it down once I tried it. It’s a lot of fun and it sounds excellent once you get the hang of it. Packaging was very applesque. I was impressed. Looking forward to using it for recording. I definitely think they should come out with a longer bow for longer notes for sure. Very happy I got my hands on one of these. :)

Guitar Bow - such a beauty!

Hey guys, I love it to play with this special guitar bow. In the beginning it is quite hard to use, but after a time ago you will make it! It sounds so special and the sound is amazing!


Great tool, lots of options and new sounds!


I’ve been have fun with my Pickaso bow so far. Interesting to use with effects pedals. You can create sone different sounds. Takes a like time to coordinate your hands in my opinion but it’s all fun.

Great fun, and it sounds sooo good.

I was a sceptic, but the minute I saw the sponsored video on Facebook I knew I had to have one. Said and done. And eager as I was I didn’t read the manual and started polishing my guitar strings with the clean and new bow.. NOTHING happened.. So I watched the videos that was on the page and BAM.. My guitar sounded close to a cello on the bass strings.. And like a violin on B and thin E. Awesome really. Couldnt believe it cloud sound that cool.. Haven’t had the opportunity to get it into a song yet.. But I will.. soon! @bjornmusic on instagram