Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit

Pickaso Guitar Bow kit

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Please read all notes below before placing your order! 

Our innovative guitar bow, made from the best materials available in order to provide maximum functionality and quality sound without compromise.

With an ultra-thin chrome-aluminum body, durability, and an innovative internal mechanism to tighten the bow hair. Comfortable handle made of strong, high-quality plastic with matte finishing and a built-in pick! Decorative shell veneer completes the look.

Quality bow hair on both sides (NO animal hair) for a rich sound and creative playing experience. 

– Made by musicians for musicians.

 Our product kit includes: 

  • The Pickaso Guitar Bow 
  • Quickstart Guide 
  • Bow Case 
  • Cloth for wiping strings
  • PGB Sticker
  • Mini Rosin

    𝄞 Please note: The Pickaso bow is not functioning on coated strings (like elixir nanoweb) or nylon strings.

  •  𝄞 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at office@pickasobow.com or Text us +1(323)412-8899

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Matthew Thorne (Burbank, US)

I have not recorded it in action yet, but I have got it to speak quite well. I’m looking forward to adding to the next overdub opportunity. Very innovative piece

Ireland Engel (Buena Park, US)
Coolest Musical Innovation Ever!

For as long as I can remember, it's been on my bucket list to learn the violin or cello. That being said, I wasn't necessarily willing to put in the time or money. When I found out about the Pickaso Bow, all of that changed. Now, I can create the same sounds on my guitar, an instrument I already own and can play! I'm not the most musically gifted person out there, so being able to produce more with what I already know has been exhilarating. It's also a great way to re-spark your love for playing guitar, offering a whole new world of opportunity.

Peter Nutt (Ringwood East, AU)
Excellent quality bow wonderful sounds

Played the violin as a kid, 40 odd years ago, just love this little bow, great for looping drones and playing haunting melodies over looped chords, love it, more exploration needed

Geoff Wicks (Sydney, AU)
What is this sorcery?

Ok, this is a completely no-BS review. I see an ad on facebook, which i'm usually 100% skeptical of no-matter what the ad is for. This intrigues me so I check it out.... I see the price and think, ok its not a super cheap item, but its not really over the top.. the website looks good, everything looks ok - ok so lets order why, f**** it why not. A few weeks later it arrives. Beautifully boxed, everything I ordered in there, nice leather pouch for the bow, i'm thinking ok - this maybe wasn't such a bad idea after all. So I pull out the old acoustic. I read the instructions.. and nothing... no sound nothing.. turns out I simply didnt coat it with enough rosin, a few more coats and it had a 40 year old terrible acoustic guitar sounding like some orchestral violin. I have NEVER ever tried or played a violin, a cello or anything - this was completely foreign to me... everything about it... but I am not kidding after about 5 minutes of figuring out the angle I need to slide the bow on and how much rosin I need to apply (and after a few uses the strings get coated in rosin which makes the thing work all that much better) I have to say that this thing does everything that they say it can. The only downside is the length of the bow (which of course it needs to fit inside the acoustic body to work - (THIS DOES NOT WORK ON ELECTRIC GUITARS ... tried it, several guitars, even ones with really high action.... nope, nothing.. it must be acoustic) but if the bow was even 1-2 inch longer it would let you play longer notes, the short bow means you need to switch directions to extend a long note (unless you play super slow) and this I imagine is pretty un-intuitive for people who are violinists who are used to a longer bow (what I imagine is about 2.5 longer than the pickasso) But... having said that, this is a pretty nifty piece of equipment that I can see myself using alot. As I said, this is not a fake BS review.. I was probably the hardest person to sell one of these too but I am glad I ended up doing it because man, this thing is fun

Simon Schole (Thornbury, AU)
Fantastic tool, great tone!

Quality workmanship. Takes a little while to get the hang of it, but once you do, it really shines as a versatile and unique tool. Awesome for experimenting, most notably with the acoustic guitar mic'd up and run through effects.