Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit
Pickaso Guitar Bow kit

Pickaso Guitar Bow kit

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Please read all notes below before placing your order! 

Our innovative guitar bow, made from the best materials available in order to provide maximum functionality and quality sound without compromise.

With an ultra-thin chrome-aluminum body, durability, and an innovative internal mechanism to tighten the bow hair. Comfortable handle made of strong, high-quality plastic with matte finishing and a built-in pick! Decorative shell veneer completes the look.

Quality bow hair on both sides (NO animal hair) for a rich sound and creative playing experience. 

– Made by musicians for musicians.

 Our product kit includes: 

  • The Pickaso Guitar Bow 
  • Quickstart Guide 
  • Bow Case 
  • Cloth for wiping strings
  • PGB Sticker
  • Mini Rosin

    𝄞 IMPORTANT note: The Pickaso bow is not functioning on coated strings (like elixir nanoweb) or nylon strings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Jared (Cranbrook, CA)
👍🏻 Already Telling Friends

A lot of fun; very unique sound with lots of possibilities for creativity. Definitely worth the price.

Lindsay (Irvine, US)
Excellent customer service!

Excellent customer service. If you have any questions or issues these guys are great at getting back to you quickly and helping you out.

Brent Wallace (Ancaster, CA)
Excellent Product

It's a great and fun addition to my guitar. Following the directions it worked right out of the box. I highly recommend it. Great fun especially if you are recording and would like to add some violin or cello notes here and there. Let me as a guitarist, add what I could never have added before. Good quality, I look forward to years of using it.

Connie Boss (Salisbury, US)

Love that it gives your guitar a new sound for those times you want a cello or violin in music but you don’t have one. Great with a band. It will take practice for sure. Figuring out the right amount of rosin is key.

Ryan White
so fun!

It’s so hard to find “new” instruments and equipment nowadays. I play around a lot with pedals to alter my electric sound, but the pickaso is a great way to revisit my acoustic and show her some love! So much fun and challenging, which is refreshing. Makes me want to go buy a violin!