How easy is it to play with the bow?

 Playing the bow is easy and you can produce a clean sound and understand how to use it within minutes.

How durable is Pickaso Guitar Bow?

Our bow was designed so that you can use it for years. We have used the best materials available so that the bow both looks great and lasts long. The handle of the bow is made from a sturdy quality plastic and the body from chrome coated aluminum. Additionally, every part of the bow can be replaced. So even if your bow is damaged, you could easily replace its parts on your own. 

What are the size and weight specs?

 The bow weighs 26 g (less than an ounce). It is 16 cm long (about 6 inches) and 4.4 cm (less than 2 inches) wide at its widest. 

What is it made of?

Our bow uses a number of different materials. The head and pick are from a strong, quality plastic with matte finishing.The logo is from wood veneer. The body of the bow is made from a chrome coated aluminum, and the hair tightening mechanism parts are also made of aluminum.We use hair made for the Herco Corporation’s bass bows.

Can the bow be used with other instruments?

The Pickaso Guitar Bow was designed and manufactured especially for acoustic guitars. At the same time, it can be used with any steel-stringed instrument with an opening/space in which the bow can be inserted between the strings. Note that, Nylon strings and Coated strings are not suitable. 

Do I need to know how to play the violin?

No need for any familiarity with the violin or other bow instruments. Our bow is customized for guitar players of any level. 

 How easy is it to play with the bow?

 Playing the bow is easy and you can produce a clean sound and understand how to use it within minutes.

Does the bow work on any type of string?

Our bow works on most types of strings except coated strings (such as coated Elixir strings) and nylon strings. The bow won't produce any sound on these types of strings. The bow works best on regular strings of all types and brands.

On our ads, we use the "ErnieBall Earthwood, phosphor bronze" 

Will the bow damage my strings??

If used properly and as instructed, our bow does not damage the strings in any way. In fact, the bow hair is much softer than your pick! 

Does the bow contain horse hair?

No. We have avoided using animal products in our bow. We use our own synthetic bow hair that is actually sturdier and preferable to regular bow hair, made especially for our needs as a stringed instrument player. 

Can the bow be used as a pick?

Yes! Our bow comes with a guitar pick, so that you can use the bow and immediately switch to using the pick.

Can I play more than one string at once with the bow?

  Yes. Our bow comes with hair on both sides, unlike a regular violin bow. So you can play two strings at once when the handle is angled slightly upwards, as detailed in the instruction manual.  

Do I need rosin to use the bow?

Yes. Dedicated rosin is used on all types of bow instruments, as in ours. We provide a very high-quality rosin with any purchase of the Pickaso Guitar Bow. We provide our own unique rosin blend. It has high grip ability and low dust residue.

Can I replace the hair on the bow?

  Yes. The hair on the bow can be cheaply replaced using our hair replacement kit. We have designed the bow so the hair can be replaced if needed.Replacing the hair takes about five minutes and can be done on your own without any prior knowledge.

Where are you guys located ? 

Our workshop is located in the Tel Aviv District, Israel, where all our bows are made with love and shipped worldwide :-) 

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