Giveaway !!
🥳 Play to win 1,000$ (USD)
🎨 Make your most creative video with the Pickaso bow.
🎨 Share it on your social media account & Tag us!
🎨 Get a chance to win 1,000$. !!

🥇 First place: $1,000
🥈 2nd place: $300
🥉 3rd place: $150
👏 All other customers who didn’t win will get a chance to be featured on our website and social media accounts too!

🥳 Our giveaway will be closed for submissions on June 25, 2022, at 11:00 PM (GMT-7)
with the winner announced on June 29.

Submission Requirements:
1. Make the most creative video you can with the Pickaso bow! Be creative with the location /set-ups/ instruments.

2. You must use your Pickaso bow on an Acoustic/Classical/Acoustic bass guitar. Any additional instruments/musicians in the video are welcome!

3. The Pickaso bow must be shown for at least 50% of the video and be heard for at least 80%. Approximately :- )

4. Make sure the Pickaso bow is clearly seen and presented in the middle of the video frame. (Check the slides for examples.)

5. Video length: 60 seconds length, maximum.

6. VIdeo quality: You don’t need professional equipment but make sure the lighting is good ,and the video isn’t pixelated and grainy.

7. Video format: 1:1 square, 9:16 vertical, or 16:9 horizontal. Please keep the action in the center of the frame. Check the slides for more information!

8. After you have uploaded the video to your social media account, please send it via email to: . (Email subject: Pickasobow Giveaway). For large files, you can use DropBox/WeTransfer.

9. Mention and tag us on your social media account:
@pickasobow #pickasobow #pickasoguitarbow #guitargear (You are allowed to add more hashtags)

10. By submitting your video, you permit us to use and edit it for promotional content on our website and social media accounts.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here or at

Let's get creative!! 🎨🥳

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