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Pickaso premium low dust Rosin

Pickaso premium low dust Rosin

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Pickaso premium low dust Rosin 

The Pickaso premium rosin is enriched with several different blends of waxes to create the optimum rosin. It is the perfect solution for our stringed instrument.

  • It leaves almost no dust on the strings.
  • High-string grip.
  • Warm sound. 
  • Easy to use

What is Rosin and Why Is It Essential?

Discover Our Premium Rosin

Rosin, a solid resin extracted from trees, plays a vital role in producing sound through friction between the bow and guitar strings. Every bow instrument depends on rosin for sound production. At Pickaso, we've crafted the perfect rosin for guitarists, focusing on a formula that reduces dust residue and enhances guitar string grip. Say goodbye to messy guitar strings!

Do I need it? 
You should consider adding this product if you want extra rosin.  As part of the kit, each Pickaso bow you order already includes our premium rosin
Rosin's lifespan is about 6-12 months, depending on how much time you play with the bow. 

Important Note: Always keep the rosin in its box and an upright position. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. 


Type: Medium-Soft

Sound Characteristic: Warm and Rich

Grip Profile Rating (1: Low Grip/ 10: High Grip): GPR #7

 Cake Size: 5.5x5.5x3cm

Cake Weight: 15g (approx)

Country of Origin: England, United Kingdom

Manufacture process: Historic / Artisanal (Hand-mixed, Hand-poured)

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