Online User Guide

First steps

1️⃣ Prepare and apply the rosin

2️⃣ The Basics

3️⃣ Care and maintenance 

4️⃣ Cleaning the bow hair

Note: There is no reason to routinely clean your bow hair unless it has soaked sweat/Natural oils. If your bow has become slightly dirty, using a paper towel and pure alcohol should suffice. In the event it has absorbed a significant amount of natural oils or sweat, you can wash it with water and soap. Before you begin, please watch the video entirely. 

Troubleshoot and common questions 

The bow doesn't produce any sounds

Usually, if you can't hear any sound from your bow, it's because:

1. Your strings are coated. (Such as Elixir etc.) As explained on our website, coated strings are not suitable, unfortunately. 

Because the bow can't get enough grip on the strings, to check if your strings are coated, enter the brand model on and check it on the specs chart. 

2. You need to apply more rosin to the bow; please repeat the steps on the user guide, Minute 0:17

3. The bow hair has soaked some of the natural oil from your hands and prevents the rosin from sticking to it. Take a paper towel and some pure alcohol and clean the bow hair with it. Let it dry and then apply the rosin again.

Do I need to use the sandpaper each time before playing the bow? 

In general, you only need to scratch the rosin surface once. But in case needed, when you see that the rosin doesn't sticks to the bow well, you can scratch it again. But, you do need to apply rosin on the bow each time before playing with it.

I can't get a clean sounds out of the bow.

In that case, you need to apply soft pressure on the bow with consistent movements, as seen on "the basics" chapter.

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